Requesting Administrator rights for your PC

When you attempt to perform an action which requires administrator rights on your PC such as installing new software or updating an application Valetech technicians receive a report on the program that is requesting elevation so they can check that the action is safe to perform and does not present a risk to your business systems.

The following dialog messages are examples of what you may see when performing these actions with an explanation of what each message means.

Request for admin elevation from running program

This is displayed when a program requires admin privileges to run. If you intended for this to happen and you know what the program is click ‘Yes’ to proceed.

Otherwise if you don’t know what the program is click ‘No’ and email with the File Name and Description from the message.

Request sent to Valetech technicians for approval

This screen appears to show you that we have received the request. We will now check that the program you are running is safe and if it is authorised for installation on the machine.

Request approved

If we approve the request you will see this dialog and can click ‘OK’ to continue running the program as normal.

Request denied

If you see this dialog we have denied the request. For further information email with details of what you were trying to run so we can look into it further.

Timeout waiting for approval

If we are unable to action the request during the timer period you will see this dialog. Click ‘OK’ and the request will go to sleep in the background until we respond. This may happen if your request is made out of hours or in the case where we need more time to check the request is safe before we can approve it.