Add a Office 365 Mailbox on a iPhone

1) Go to Settings 2) Go to ‘Passwords & Accounts’ or ‘Mail’ if Passwords & Accounts is not an option 4) Go to ‘Add Account’ and select ‘Exchange’ 5) Enter your email address, you can leave the description as ‘Exchange’ […]

Enable 2FA On a Office 365 account

To enable 2FA for Office 365 follow the steps below – 1) Go to the 2FA setup page via the following link – 2) Login to your Office 365 account using your email address and email Password 3) Enter […]

Add a Office 365 Shared mailbox on an iPhone using IMAP

Go to Settings > Add Account > Other Add Mail Account    Name: [Users Name]    Email: [Shared Mailbox Email Address]    Password: [Users Main 365 Password]Next Incomeing Settings –    Hostname:    username: [Users main email address]/shared mailbox name before the @ sign]   […]